Ideas to remodel, design and decorate your Home Office space

The Home Office is here to stay, read these tips that will help you improve your workspace at home.

2020 brought many changes to all of us, but one of the most important was the way of working, millions of people in the world began to work from home and will continue to do so, since many productivity advantages were found, saving time in transport and savings in the rent of spaces, but it also has its disadvantages. One of the problems is that most of the people didn’t have a special space to work.

We believe that the home office will remain for a long time, for this reason, we have summarized the simplest tips to apply and important when creating a space to work at home. Good ideas without spending a lot of money!

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Define the workspace

Undoubtedly the first thing you should take into account when starting to organize your workspace is to think very well about the most suitable place in the house.

We recommend that it be a very well lit space, near windows to take advantage of natural light, if this isn’t your case, have a good source of lighting that does not tire your eyes.

It also needs to be a place with few or no distractions, so you can focus on your work and increase your productivity.

Take measurements of the space

Avoid starting to buy everything without having an idea of the exact size and measurements. Many times we make the big mistake of buying something because we thought it was “nice”, but was that really what you needed?

Obtain measurements of the length and height of each wall, as well as the maximum depth that desks, chairs and shelves should have so as not to lose space or make it uncomfortable.

Once we fear the measurements, we can begin to design and decorate our studio or workplace.

How to decorate your Home Office space

The chair

Let’s start with the chair, the chair could be the most important thing when putting together your workspace, we recommend that you invest in a good chair, as this can benefit your body in a few years, we don’t want anyone suffering from back pains!

If you are going to spend many hours a day sitting, it is better to have a headrest.

Simple desk

Find a wooden board to suit you! If you don’t have a lot of budget at the moment, this idea is definitely for you. You can get a good result, being beautiful and economical.

Start by looking for a table with the exact measurements, which you could put on your wall like this:

Custom desk

If the previous idea did not convince you and you have a little more budget, without a doubt the solution is to order a desk that suits your needs with a carpentry professional. Many times we spend money unnecessarily in well-known stores, not knowing that a few miles from our house we have a magician who can make us the desk of our dreams.

This option, in addition to being VERY economical, is also very practical, since you can have your desk made to your exact measurements.

We recommend that you see tons of ideas on Pinterest, and when you have the ideal design based on your decorating style, talk to the carpenter about building materials. Remember to choose resistant and durable materials, emphasizing the thickness of the wood and finishes.

Fill your environment with life!

Plants fill any space in your house with life, without a doubt this new small space must have many plants, this will make your place more welcoming and inspire you tranquility (we all need tranquility when we work).

Use shelves on your wall

We love this idea to decorate, it doesn’t take away any space and you make the most of your new corner, on these shelves you can put plants, books, agendas and many more ideas. Here are some of them:

Go for light colors

Dark colors bring elegance and seriousness, some design styles keep it in trend, but the reality is that when thinking about a workspace, it’s better to have light colors, it can keep you more awake and be in an environment that inspires you calm. However, this is something totally according to the taste of each one.

Here are some color ideas for your new workspace.

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