5 tips on interior design trends 2021

Immerse into the most relevant trends in interior design of 2021 and take advantage of these tips to renovate your home.

Many people will want to make major changes in their homes, to attract new energy and leave the old year behind. For this reason, we present a small design guide where you can learn about the styles in trend, materials and colors so that you can decorate and remodel in the best style of 2021.

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1 | Trend colors

Pantone color of the year

Every year Pantone selects one or two colors that will define the trends, but we don’t have to take it as law, although, with this combination of yellow and gray we can achieve a vibrant and high-contrast decoration, always taking care not to saturate with yellow.

Warm colors

They will add a fun and very cozy touch, especially in the cold times of the year. Burnt orange and peacock blue will be our main combination, being able to combine light and dark grays, or add variations with yellow. The natural wood or laminate floor with orange tones.

Ocean tones

We agree that we all need a bit of calm, these aqua blues and sand colors will convey a balanced and relaxed home. We can try from very light blue to navy blue, depending on the amount of lighting we have in the room.

2| Styles that return and others that remain


It’s an ever-present trend that highlights the connection with nature, exposing wood, the use of stones, spaces with plants, making the most of natural light and seeking sustainability.

Japandi design

It’s a mix between the Nordic and Japanese style, mainly, it highlights modernity with a minimalist decoration, light or dark muted color tones, textures and fabrics are used. Plants cannot be absent.

Industrial design

Industrial design remains strong as a trend for the following year, metal shelves, wooden floors and pipes take over this elegant and minimalist design.

Boho Chic

This style can be defined in three words: relaxed, daring, and unusual. Here many of the rules for combining colors don’t apply, more complex color palettes are created by making use of floral and tribal patterns. The finishes of the furniture are rustic or natural, with the presence of global fabrics and cultural elements.

3| Trends in floors. Hardwood.

This trend continues to grow, with versatility of materials and shades that integrate perfectly with the styles that we mentioned before.

We lean towards dark brown colors, with the presence of shades and orange or reddish tones. If the style needs to apply lighter colors, keep the shadows to mark the hardness of the wood.

Floor materials

We can use different materials depending on the quality you want or budget you have, such as real wood, tiles that simulate the finish of wood or laminate.

4 | Materials for all tastes

The textures highlight the style and provide identity to the decoration, we have many decoration options, but the basic ones that should be integrated into your home are the following.

Natural soft fabrics

Natural fabrics cannot be absent, they are positioned in response to the environmental problems we are facing, opting for natural materials.

Rattan and wicker

Under the above reason, wicker and rattan furniture, or decorative elements created with these materials, will be widely used.

Handmade pottery

You can add a different touch to your kitchen by using rustic ceramic in the backsplash, or replace a few individual tiles to accent the wall. If you have a good budget, you can choose to cover the entire wall with handmade ceramics.

5| The ever-present green

Plants are very easy to add as decorative elements, in addition, they bring a lot of life to the space. They come in all sizes, in particular we recommend using natural plants (at least one, a cactus if you want), but we understand that not everyone has the time to take care of them or they just don’t like them, you can integrate artificial plants , but take care of the quality so that it looks as real as possible.

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